Explain It Yourself(1)

Read to collect the dots, write to connect them! After each section, challenge yourself to answer these questions to the best of your ability. Write down areas of confusion, too!
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Why Blockchain Matters: The Web3 Movement

Why Blockchain Matters: The Web3 Movement
  • What are the differences between web1, web2, & web3?
  • What are the future implications of web3? How will it change the world?

How A Blockchain Works

How A Blockchain Works
  • What is a blockchain?
  • How does a blockchain work?
  • Why does blockchain matter? What value does it provide?
  • OPTIONAL: How does Bitcoin really work?

Blockchain Platforms

Blockchain Platforms
  • What is the difference between Ethereum & Bitcoin?
  • What is a blockchain platform? What do smart contracts do & why are they valuable?
  • Why is Ethereum so valuable? What problem does it solve? What opportunities does it create?
  • What are some alternative blockchain platforms & what problem are they trying to solve?

Open A Wallet

Open A Wallet
  • What is a wallet?
  • Why do you need a wallet? Why does it matter?
  • Do you need a wallet for different blockchain platforms?

dApps & Using Your Wallet

dApps & Using Your Wallet
  • What is a dApp?
  • Apart from being decentralized, what makes dApps different than regular apps?
  • What are the biggest industries in web3, right now?
  • How did you use your wallet? *If you haven’t, go and try out a dApp!

Blockchain Limitations

Blockchain Limitations
  • What are the biggest issues in web3 right now?
  • How can web3 companies & people overcome these issues? Hint: there is no correct answer

Web3’s Current & Future Impact

Web3’s Current & Future Impact
  • What are current real-life applications of web3?
  • What might web3 look like in the future?

Becoming Self-Sufficient

Becoming Self-Sufficient
  • How do you plan to continue to learn about web3 stuff?
  • If you want to work in web3, how will you go about doing that?