Web3’s Current & Future Impact

On this page, we will get a high-level view of web3’s current & future impact.

Where Web3 Is Right Now

From what we’ve learned thus far, it is clear web3 has a lot of potential to help people. Check out this tweet thread to learn who web3 can currently help:

Check out this short blog for a simple explanation on the why the current & future use cases depend on viability of blockchain platforms:

But even with potential, the web3 space has proven to have flaws that has caused concern to the public eye. And while crypto has been in bear market for some time now, stretching back to last year, crypto has slightly rebounded to start 2023.

Here is a more comprehensive outlook into the current state of Web3 as of recently:

Holistic Doc Of The Current State of DeFi

The Future of Web3

Web3 is constantly evolving. It is an exciting time to be in the space! So, let’s hear what the experts think is the next evolution of web3 in this coming year:

The first tweet is a long-term crypto prediction by the excellent Coach JV, the CEO of the crypto company 3T Warrior Academy. They have a YouTube that is full of useful videos to dive more into cryptocurrencies so check them out. The second link takes you to the takeaways that came from the World Economic Forum conference in Davos. Amidst a gloomy outlook, crypto investors in Davos are still optimistic about the coming trend in Web3 happening this year. This is also laid out in full with the below Forbes article.

Finally, look at the Messari Crypto report. It is one of the best resources out there. Incredible stuff.


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Lots of cool stuff is happening in web3 that may not be seen by the public eye. Like A LOT.

It can be intoxicating to think about. In reality, nobody knows what web3 applications will change the world in 10 years. A lot of stuff will crash & burn. Others will win out BIG TIME.

Being educated on what is happening right now & what smart people think will change the future will help you make more thoughtful predictions.


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