Open A Wallet

On this page, we will learn what a crypto wallet is & why it matters. Then, you will open up your own wallet & use it!

The best way to get started with Ethereum and crypto in general is by getting your hands dirty and actually using products and protocols on blockchain! To use web3 applications, you need a wallet.

What Is A Wallet?

From the previous readings, you probably have a good idea of what a wallet is and why it matters. But, there are some nuances in the utility & functionality of different types of wallets.

Check out these three resources to learn everything you need to know:

Those covered everything you need to know about wallets, what they mean, different types, and how to get one!

What are we waiting for...

Let’s Get You A Wallet!

For each platform, you will need a different wallet. For Ethereum (& Ethereum-compatible networks), the most popular wallet is called “MetaMask”. After downloading a MetaMask wallet, you are able to attach it to your chrome browser as a chrome extension. This makes it really easy to make different transactions on the network!

Download it here:


  1. Make sure it says “Install MetaMask for your Browser” in bold
  2. If it does, then click the blue button: “Install MetaMask for ____”
  3. You will need to create a password associated with your wallet. Make sure to keep this safe!
  4. In addition, you will receive a seed phrase. DO NOT tell anyone this phrase. Write it down somewhere SAFE & SECURE. Blockchain does not negotiate when it comes uncovering your passwords...
  5. Once that’s all set, go to the top right of your browser and click the puzzle piece. Next to the orange fox (MetaMask logo) click pin
  6. You now have your MetaMask wallet attached to your chrome account. Any further exploring you do will be nice and easy.

More Wallets

Solana: List of Solana supported wallets (use Phantom please, widely regarded as one of the best wallets in crypto, period. )

With that being said, let’s learn where you can use your wallet!

Using Your Wallet

dApps & Using Your Wallet
Explain It Yourself