Start Learning

The Best Place To Start Learning

The web3 starter pack is tailor-made for beginners to blockchain.

It will guide you from knowing nothing to having a fundamental understanding why web3/crypto/blockchain matters, where it’s at right now, & where it’s headed.

This is the foundational resource we’ve used to onboard every new member of Illini Blockchain.

More Helpful Resources

Crypto Glossary

Every relevant blockchain-related term, explained for normal people.

Becoming Self-Sufficient

Curated list of the best thinkers, resources, & opportunities in the industry.

Additional Reading

From diving deep on blockchain applications to unpacking the bitcoin whitepaper, our Medium unpacks a variety of blockchain topics by our research team.

How To Get Jobs/Internships

A philosophy & step-by-step process on recruiting for tech/startups/web3 roles.

Crypto Jobs/Internships

A collection of job boards and helpful blog posts on breaking into crypto.