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Illini Blockchain is the student-led hub for blockchain research, development, and collaboration at the University of Illinois

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We produce crypto-literate, self-sufficient learners who have the tools to navigate the space and learn new concepts on their own through a collection of blogs, tweets, roundtable discussions, and educational events.

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We foster the campus blockchain community by bringing together students, faculty, alumni, and founders through our discord server, guest speaker events, and meetups.

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We stay ahead of a new paradigm of technology by gaining technical experience on internal and external projects, helping organizations innovate and exploring new ideas enabled by blockchain.

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Software Engineer at Dispatch

Dispatch is building a decentralized user engagement protocol on Solana that fundamentally rethinks the future of web3 user engagement, retention and acquisition. As an engineer and early employee, I help build and shape our core products. I've had the opportunity to speak to some of the largest NFT communities in the space and ship features from idea to production!

Growth Intern at Burst

Burst helps normal people earn safe, stable returns through DeFi. I worked directly with the founders to strategize & execute growth initiatives. I led partnerships with other companies to grow our user base. I wrote blog posts & twitter threads to help users understand DeFi and feel less scared investing in it. And, I got to network with big name investors and founders in the space.

Technical Writing Intern at Kadena

Kadena is a proof of work layer 1 blockchain that becomes more secure as the network scales. As a writer, I improved the current documentation for an easier developer learning experience. I helped the business development team write blog posts and construct slide decks for investors. I was able to build strong relationships with the Kadena team and innovators of the web3 industry in Chicago.