Issues with Current Organizational Structures

On this page, we will learn about a new type of organizational structure powered by the blockchain.

Traditional Organizational Structure

Before diving into Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), it’s crucial to understand the problems they aim to solve.

  • Traditionally, most organizations look something like this...
    • Only a select few individuals have access to finances and make most of the major decisions that affect the entire organization
    • A top-down management structure that leads to communication barriers
    • Members/employees must trust each other to make decisions that will benefit the entire organization

This system has resulted in a challenge that affects nearly every industry and organization: the principal-agent problem.


This issue arises when a person or entity (the principal) has conflicting interests, goals, or priorities with those who make decisions and act on their behalf (the agent).

Examples of this situation include when a CEO (agent) does not make decisions that best align with shareholder (principal) interests or when a trader (agent) uses high leverage to chase a performance bonus, knowing the company (principal) will cover any losses.

Made by Rohan Hirani