About Us
Established in 2021, Illini Blockchain is a curiosity-driven club whose mission is to learn about and get involved in the blockchain ecosystem. Illini Blockchain was started on the belief that the new applications enabled by blockchain technologies will have an impact on the future, and sought that the talented students, alumni, and faculty have the ability to be at the forefront of the industry. Our aim is to foster the blockchain ecosystem on campus for everyone interested, helping people learn the technology and applications, building projects, and engaging in research. Learn more here.


Luke Clancy
Alec Chen
Danny Koch
Amaan Sameer
Rohan Hirani
Varun Siva
Arman Rafati
Muskan Bhatla
Kevin Zhang
Joe Morgan
Javier Nieto
Larry Peng
Jongwon Park
Aniketh Chedalla
Zach Bottoms
Antony Silvetti-Schmitt
Sam Madhan
Samir Sheikh
Manas Gandhi
Kevin Choe
Saksyam Patro
Aadi Mukherjee


Zayyan Faizal
Adrian Petrykiw